Rhassoul Clay

Rhassoul Clay


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Rhassoul Clay, also known as Moroccan Lava Clay comes from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, the only known source in the world. It is a totally natural product that is used today as it was hundreds of years ago. Rhassoul clay has the ability to absorb oil and impurities from both the skin and the hair. Rhassoul contains higher percentages of silica and magnesium along with potassium and calcium, than other clays.

Rhassoul clay has a powerful negative charge and acts as a detoxifying agent. Toxins which lay under the skin’s surface have a positive charge – the clay draws them through the skin inside the clay particle. This is why rhassoul is so helpful with skin conditions. Clay is particularly effective at absorbing excess sebum – retaining the health of hair follicle and helping to reduce hair loss and works very well on skins troubled with acne.

Rhassoul is known for its ’swelling’ ability. Rhassoul clay is composed of 100% minerals and trace-elements. The skin will absorb some of these, resulting in an improved skin structure and feel. 

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