Juniperberry Essential Oil - 15mL

Juniperberry Essential Oil - 15mL


Product Information

A jam made of Juniper berries is still eaten in Switzerland to help protect against chest infections and colds. Juniper oil is also the classic flavouring used in gin. This oil is a powerful diuretic. It takes two years for the Juniper berries to mature ready for distillation. The berry oil is superior to oil from the wood or twigs.

 Botanical Name

juniperus communis


Pungent, green and piney-fresh with woody undertones.

Safety Notes

Generally non-toxic, not advised during pregnancy.


Antispasmodic, local circulation stimulant, detoxifying, diuretic, antiseptic.

Key Use

Muscular and circulatory: aches and pains, cramps, cellulite, fluid retention, gout.

Other Uses

Weight loss, colds, flu, oily complexion, lethargy.


An uplifting and fortifying fragrance, good for mental fatigue and anxiety.

Blends With

Lemon, Fennel, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cypress

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