Palm Wax - Crystalising

Palm Wax - Crystalising


Product Information

This product is a natural wax that will give your candle an awesome crystallising finish when unmoulded.

It is suitable for pillars and votives.

The results that you achieve will vary dependending on your pour temperature, but by adhering to the following suggestions will result in amazing results.

Aluminium mould temp:  60 – 70°C
Wax pour temp: 85- 90°C
Cooling temp: Room temp of 20 – 30°C

Once your candle has completely solidified, it should release easily from the mould.

Add colour pigment only when palm wax is fully melted and reached the recommended pouring temperature. Make sure the colour pigment is fully dissolved. Stir well to ensure that the colour is distributed evenly in the melted wax.

Our palm wax is made from palm oil that has been sourced from sustainable palm plantations.

We recommend a maximum fragrance loading amount of 6% with this wax.

Product Code PALAWP6R88
Condition New

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