Blackcurrant Flavour Oil - 15mL

Blackcurrant Flavour Oil - 15mL

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Our flavour oils may be used safely in lip balms or products that may be ingested. For the most part the flavour has come from the ingredient they describe such as banana or passionfruit.

Though they contain a strong flavour of that ingredient these oils are not sweet and there is no sweetener added to them. Most of the oils do have a strong scent of that ingredient they are associated with and may be used as fragrance in melt and pour soaps and toiletries.

We do not recommend the use of Flavour Oils in Cold Process Soapmaking. If you choose to trial them make a small sample batch first.

Flavour oils are essentially fragrance oils that are approved for use in lip products. They lend a “scent” to lip balms. Contrary to their name, they do not possess any real “flavour” or “taste.”

Although flavour oils may contain small amounts of essential oils, they are not considered natural.

Ideal for flavouring your own lip balms, lip butters or edible body butters. Flavour oils can be blended to create interesting combinations.

This flavour is food grade and can be added to products at  3-8%.

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