Herbal Tea; Your Way

Why should you consume herbal tea?

Herbal tea is an easy way to increase your fluid quota for the day. Unlike coffee, it does not contain caffeine and if you purchase the herbs you like, you can create your own custom combinations (and it can work out cheaper too!!)

If you have never tried herbal tea before, below are some that you can try making:

Chamomile – This creates a mildly sedative tea.

Peppermint – Thought to soothe the digestive tract.

Rose Petal – Traditionally used for painful symptoms of menstruation.

Vanilla Bean – Thought to calm anxiety and enhance relaxation.

When making your own herbal tea, remember that you do not need to use single herbs, you can try mixing a combination of two or three different herbs until you find a blend that you like.

Once your blend is made, you can purchase empty tea bags or tea infusers, so that you do not have floaty bits of “tea” in your cup.

tea bag empty
Empty Heat-Sealable Tea Bags

Our empty heat-sealable tea bags are also suitable to be used for milk baths, tub teas etc.

Tea Ball Infuser

All of the herbs that we stock are also suitable for use in tub teas, milk baths, soapmaking etc

So to sum this up, herbal teas are a much better alternative to caffeine-laden beverages, especially when concerned about your health. There are literally thousands of combinations that you can come up with, so you do not need to be limited by what is commercially available.

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