Highly fragranced soy wax melts

soy melts 2

Hello once again, this week I am discussing the soy wax melts that I make.

This past week, I have spent a lot of my time making these highly fragranced melts, and must admit that my shop now smells lovely.

My soy wax melts are manufactured on the South Coast of NSW, Australia in my small gift shop that I run, selling my handmade creations and also selling raw materials for those that would rather make their own skincare/soaps etc.

Soy Wax Melts are simply a wickless candle, designed to be used with either electric or tealight oil burners and they tend to be more fragrant than fragranced candles. This is due to the fragrance oil. It is recommended that a candle has less fragrance oil added, to prevent the wick from clogging up and to create a better burning candle.

It has recently come to my attention that a lot of people are claiming that their soy wax melts/tarts are double and triple scented. This is nothing but a sales gimmick, as it simply is not possible. They are trying to convince you that their soy melts should be purchased as they are more fragrant than a competitor’s that does not make this claim.

Think of soy wax as a sponge. A sponge will only hold so much water and then the excess starts seeping out. The same can be said for soy wax. It can only hold so much fragrance oil, usually about 10%, and then the excess will start seeping out.

If too much fragrance oil is used you will end up with a soy melt that has liquid fragrant oil floating on top of the wax. This is the excess oil that could not be incorporated as the wax had already reached its maximum holding capacity.

Our soy wax melts come in a large variety of fragrances and will give you approx 10 hours of fragrance per cube, so about 60 hours from one pack, as there are 6 cubes per pack.