Bath Bombs **Now Available**

Hello once again,

What are bath bombs??

Bath Bombs are sometimes called Bath Fizzies and are usually spherical in shape, however they can be moulded to make different shapes.

Bath Bombs are a mixture of dry ingredients, the main ones being Bicarbonate Soda and Citric Acid that effervesce (or explode) when wet. They are commonly used as a way to add fragrance, botanicals, salts or milk powders to bath water.

A Bath Bomb will enhance your bathing experience by turning your bathroom into a sensory experience.

Bath bombs can make for interesting gifts. They are often given to individuals who could use a relaxing and pampering bath experience. The bombs also can be useful to parents who wish to make bath time more appealing to children. The bombs might also be appreciated by those who like to include natural ingredients in their skin care regimen, since a bath bomb’s ingredients generally are much safer and more effective than the synthetic ingredients that are found in many other bath products.

I have just begun manufacturing bath bombs for sale, currently I have made Milk & Honey and Milky Rose, however I will be adding other types very soon.