Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils

What is the difference between a fragrance and an essential oil?

This is a question I often get asked by my customers, so I thought it was a good topic for my blog today.

Both fragrance and essential oils should be diluted before using. Once diluted, both oils are suitable for bath and body products, so it is a personal preference which one you use.

A fragrance oil can also be called a potpourri oil, aroma oil or perfume oil and they are an artificially created oil, that are made in labs and are designed to imitate other scents.

An essential oil is a pure and natural substance that contains volatile aroma compounds from plants, which is commonly referred to as the essence of the plant, are highly concentrated and are thought to have therapeutic qualities.

Essential oils are generally extracted by using steam distillation. Sometimes they will be extracted by using solvents or the cold process method.

Here is an example of just how much plant matter is required to produce essential oils:

Eucalyptus – 11kg plant matter to make 450g essential oil

Rosemary – 22kg plant matter to make 450g essential oil

Lavender -90kg plant matter to make 450g essential oil

Rose – over 7,200kg of petals to make 450g essential oil

This explains why rose essential oil is SO expensive.

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